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Turn shoppers into buyers

Acquiring new customers is expensive. Therefore, don't lose your visitors to choice stress. With Aidens product finder software you automatically give customers the best advice and achieve 2.5x more conversion.

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Less choice stress

Help customers with advice so they do buy

Selling complex and functional products online is difficult. Help customers like in-store and make sure they find the right products for more conversion and sales.

Better choices

Help your customers choose. That way you make them happy, increase your conversion rate and also reduce returns.

Higher impact

See immediately the impact of product finders in your shop. Check sales and conversion and adjust where necessary.

More customer insights

Discover with customers what product they are looking for

In a product finder , your customers tell you exactly who they are and what they are looking for. These kinds of new insights from guided selling will transform your e-commerce strategy.

Direct conversation

See which answers were given most (or least) in the product finder. Super handy for purchasing purposes and optimizations, for example!

Get new insights

Collect zero-party data and link your Aiden product finders with your CRM or CDP. Enrich customer profiles on-the-spot and build customer relationships.

Better results

Guided selling delivers

Stop leaving customers to their own devices. Customers who use product finders automatically find the right product. That results in more conversions, satisfied customers and profits.


Completed sessions


Happy customers

In 1 day

Built and launched


Average conversion increase

How it works

Help customers with product advice and increase your profits

Aiden prevents poorly converting pages. Wondering how it works? Watch the video for a short tour and follow more than 100 web shops.

Get doubtful customers over the line

Turn doubters into ambassadors for your webshop. Schedule your free demo and discover how to successfully use guided selling.


Choice help in your webshop?
Just like that!

In three easy steps, your product finder is live and you can access powerful features to improve your results.

Easy to integrate

Place your product finders anywhere on your website. As a pop-up, side-bar, in-page or full-page app.

Advanced analytics

Link with GTM and Google Analytics for deep-dives into customer behavior.


In your own look and feel

Choose your font, colors and apply advanced options so your apps fit your brand perfectly.

What customers say

These shops went before you

We are not the only ones who believe in product finders.
Our users are just as enthusiastic!

"We had initially built a guided selling tool ourselves. For that one, I could only see how often it was being used, but not what it was producing in terms of conversion or which bikes our customers ended up choosing. With Aiden, we can do all of that."

Willem van Dooren

Digital Marketing Professional, Cortina

"It's very widely used and that certainly takes away some of the questions at customer service."

Jan Karel Ekkel

E-commerce specialist, Kees Smit Garden Furniture

"We see that visitors actually purchase the recommended products."

Anna Maria Schulz

Webshop manager, Girav

"A telling growth rate that motivates us to deploy the guided selling apps on other channels and for other products as well."

Dominique Alaradi

Product owner, Prénatal

"These kinds of insights are exactly what we were missing in the previous version of our product finder. So we'll be transferring our tea finder to Aiden soon as well!"

Roxanne van Baardewijk

Webshop coordinator, Simon Lévelt

"We give a product more value when it needs to be pushed more forward. That increases the margin and therefore Aiden's product finder software is a much stronger solution than a product filter."

Jeroen Bonnemaijers

Founder, Fire Prevention Shop

"About creating the guided selling apps in Aiden, I can be brief: it's simply very easy."

Guus van Nunen

General Manager, XXL Nutrition

"A product finder is a counselor and therefore produces different results than a filter."

Nena Soors

Content manager, Toppy

"With a product finder you don't have to have a whole new product page, but you can advise much better. That's where the big win is for us."

Joost Breuer

Marketing manager, SkiWebShop

Stop losing visitors to choice stress

Doubting customers need help. Offer tailored advice automatically and reach 2.5 times more conversions.

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