Software Choice Guide

This is how Aiden works

Doubting customers need help, but your customer service department is busy enough. With Aidens software, you can create customized advice in no time. Get instant access to all the features you need to apply guided selling successfully.


Dynamic flows

Design smart conversations tailored for each client.


Add images and video and enrich your product finder content.

Analytics plugin

Connect to Google Analytics for deep dives into your guided selling data.

Marketing automation

Send follow-up emails and highlight advised products throughout the customer journey.

Product feed

Link your product catalog and keep prices and inventory status up-to-date.


Nuanced advice

Combine filters and weighted scores to provide the best product recommendations.

Look and feel

Choose your font, colors and apply advanced options so your apps fit your brand perfectly.


Easy integration

Place your product finders as a pop-up, side-bar, in-page or full-page app - anywhere on your website.

Drop-off insights

See how your product finders are being used and immediately improve the digital conversation.

Used by the most progressive e-commerce companies


Put together your product finder , just the way you like it

Start from a blank design or use the convenient Aiden AI functionality to kick-start your consultation.


Design your questions and answers, add media and set up dynamic conversation flows.

Aiden AI

No inspiration? Let Aiden AI make the call for you. At the touch of a button, you can get started.


Define your advice logic for smart and scalable advice

Decide which products you want to highlight and when. With smart rules, you set this just once for your entire (and future) catalog!

Nuanced recommendations

Avoid disappointment by combining weighted and filtered queries and always showing the right product.

Actual advice

Explain why a particular product fits a customer's needs, rather than just filtering.


Place the product finder in your webshop

Provide expert advice in the moments that matter. Feature your guided selling apps anywhere on your website where your customers are unsure about the right purchase.

Choose any layout you like

Choose between pop-ups, in-page or use a full page to help customers at any time.  

Add on multiple pages

The product detail page or lister page are just the beginning. Add Aiden to any website page you want.


Collect zero-party data

In a guided selling app, your customers tell you exactly who they are and what they're looking for. These kinds of new customer insights will transform your e-commerce strategy.

Personaliseer de klantreis

Schrijf je keuzehulp data weg naar je ESP of CDP en personaliseer hiermee e-mail, advertenties en andere content.

Get to know your customers better

See which answers are given the most (or least), which products are popular and where people drop out.


Connect your product finder to the tools you already use

Aiden offers several useful integrations that make it even easier to make guided selling part of your e-commerce strategy.

Combine with your favo tools

Link your product finders with your CRM or CDP, Google Analytcs 4, Channable, Squeezely and more. This way you enrich current tools with Aiden's data.

Integrate easily

Whether you use Magento, Shopify, Lightspeed or any other e-commerce platform. Aiden has no limitations and is always easy to integrate.

Stop losing visitors to choice stress

Doubting customers need help. Offer tailored advice automatically and reach 2.5 times more conversions.

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