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How it began

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Aiden was born out of the frustration that consumers are left to their own devices when making an online purchase. Whether this involves picking out a nice gift, the right drill or an appropriate insurance policy. Surely it should be possible to support people digitally in this (see also: the offline store).

This vision forms the basis of what is now a full-fledged software package focused on guided selling.

Marja Silvertant
Co-founder & CEO
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Turn shoppers into buyers

E-commerce can and must be better. This we propagate with advice and action.

In 2019 we organized our own conference: BIJDEHAND. In 2020, we took this a step further. Or rather, a few scoops: we wrote a book!

What we discuss:
the theory - why e-commerce is broken, and why helping people is the right fix
and practice - six leading Dutch e-commerce brands share their lessons (including Bever, MediaMarkt and Swiss Sense)
plus: a practical step-by-step guided makes it easy to start guided selling today.

The first edition is in Dutch, but an English translation will follow.

Want to order the book right away? Good plan! You can do so on the publisher 's website, Bol.com or Managementboek.nl, among others.

5 stars on Bol.com
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"This is not just another practical book with tips for web shops - it really gets you thinking about how the e-commerce game has been played for years. And how this can be done better."
Patrick Kerssemakers
Founder of FonQ

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